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Retirement & Investment Planning

Our financial advisors will work with you to understand and help you define your financial goals & objectives. They will also help to develop realistic expectations by discussing the risk and rewards of investing and determine the most appropriate investment products to meet those investment objectives. Most importantly they will continually monitor your investment plan, conduct regular reviews with you and help you stay the course of a long-term investment program.

Social Security Planning

In addition to filing for your own Social Security benefits at your normal retirement age, there are several strategies married couples can use separately and in combination to maximize the total benefits received over time or the annual benefits in a given year. The options include ‘File and Suspend’ and ‘Restricted Application.

File and Suspend:
You file for benefits at Full Retirement Age and immediately suspend payments. You continue to accrue credits for delaying benefits until you start taking payments (up to age 70); however, your spouse can file and receive spousal benefits on your record.

Restricted Application:
You file for spousal benefits at Full Retirement Age (FRA) based on your spouse’s record, then later file for your own benefits, which accrue delayed credits.

To be directed to the government social security site:

College 529 Savings Plans

The goal of 529 savings plans are simple – they are investment vehicles designed to help families save for college. Contact us for more information.

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