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Going Green

Green is our favorite color.

One planet, one purpose.

We are Going Green!

Montgomery Insurance and Investments Agency strongly believes in good stewardship of the earth’s resources given to us by our Creator. Examples of our efforts to be environmentally friendly are shown below.

Our clients are encouraged to receive their policy documentation electronically, cutting back on the use of paper and living trees. We are working on an electronic database connected to our site so you can have your policies, forms and returns stored here for easy access.

While the privacy of our client’s personal information is protected, all office paper is deposited in locked storage bins and then recycled by a certified shredding company.

High efficiency heating and cooling equipment is installed in the office and receives regular scheduled maintenance for reduced energy use. This also saves money!

The entire office recycles all paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, printing cartridges and other acceptable material to recycling centers every week.

An air recovery system is installed on the heating and cooling system to bring fresh breathing air into the office.

New high-efficiency fluorescent lighting fixtures have been installed in the office. Low energy lightbulbs are used in these fixtures for reduced energy use. This also saves money!

Our executives and staff are encouraged to ride together to meetings and events out of the office for reduced energy use.

Proper insulation, weather stripping and efficient windows are installed in the office building to reduce energy use. This also saves money!

Our executives and staff are encouraged to walk to nearby appointments in the downtown area.

Environmentally safe cleaning products are used by the janitorial company that cleans the office.

The agency encourages all employees and clients to join them in going green by lowering energy use and recycling.

Green plants can be found throughout the office to promote clean air and make the office pleasing to our clients. Landscaping trees and shrubs surround the parking lot and are regularly maintained.