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Leslie Day

Personal Insurance Specialist

Leslie is a lifelong Xenia resident and joined the Montgomery team in 2010. Before being hired on at Montgomery, Leslie worked at Super-Valu for 18 years. Shortly after Leslie started working in personal lines, we had the hail storm of 2011 resulting in the most claims ever paid out from our agency! Leslie got to meet many of her new clients then and stayed positive throughout the chaos… she has been a wonderful addition to the Montgomery team.

Get to Know Leslie

I have a slight obsession with gummy bears and Coke. I wish it was socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music year-round. I despise grocery shopping. Reading a new People Magazine is my favorite way to spend a lunch hour. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned out my car or my purse. A large Rita’s cotton candy or kiwi-strawberry ice is sure to make me smile. I am extremely thankful for my work family that has become my close friends. I am cold 364 days of the year. My girl’s smiles are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Traveling rejuvenates my soul! I am loyal to a fault. I love my friends, Devil Wind Brewing and the beach.

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