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Charlie Davis

Tax Preparation Manager

Charlie is a life-long resident of Xenia. He dual majored in Accounting and Finance at Wright State University and received his B.A. in Business in 2007. He joined the Montgomery team in 2013 with and earned his CPA in 2014. Before making the move to Montgomery, Charlie worked as a Demand Planning Manager and Accountant at Timbertech in Wilmington, OH for 7 years.

Get to know Charlie

I love watching sports. I am ALWAYS in the mood for pizza. I am a motorsports enthusiast and used to race circle track stock cars as a hobby. I have a love/hate relationship with the game of golf. I have a hard time relaxing. My kid’s laughter is my favorite sound to come home to. I hate hiring out things that need to be done but usually end up giving in! Grilling with my family on a summer night is one of my favorite places to find myself. I still wish I went away to college. I make a pretty mean grilled veggies dish.

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