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Tammy Clark


Tammy is part of the “glue” that holds our office together. On a daily basis, she fields phone calls and shepherds’ visitors to the proper Montgomery representative. Tammy has been greeting our clients with a warm voice and kind smile since 2006. Tammy is proudly from Cedarville and recently moved to Jamestown. Before coming to Montgomery, Tammy owned a home childcare business and was a coffee barista for a few years… She would love to do this again but don’t worry, we won’t let her go!

Get to know Tammy

I think baby wipes are the best invention ever. I eat street tacos every day. I am a recycle workhorse, I cringe when I see plastic in the trash bin. I have an odd collection of miniature game key chains. Gossip exasperates me. My cell phone and my Bible are always in reach. I have an overwhelming desire to learn to surf. Reading has a tendency to make me very unproductive. I have become a craft beer enthusiast. I love the people I get to share my life with. I think everyone should taste Borsch & Varenyky before they die. I often find myself thinking about the ocean; “The cure God created for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the ocean.”

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