Paul Monning

Insurance Specialist

Paul is a licensed property/casualty agent with 35 years of experience. Paul joined the Montgomery team in 2018 when we purchased Champion Insurance Associates, Inc and is now heading up our Beavercreek Insurance office. Paul started his insurance career in 1985 as a captive agent before making the decision to become independent in 1997. He loves his work, particularly when it comes to interacting with clients!

Get to know Paul

Since 1972 I’ve had a deep passion for motorcycles! I’m proudly married to a former California Gypsy that loves me something fierce. There is no finer food than my grandmother’s oven fried chicken. I could get lost in the beauty of the mountains. Watching baseball is guaranteed to put me to sleep. I’ve developed a taste for fine bourbon. I am a prior perfectionist but have learned to let a lot of things slide… it also helps with my blood pressure! I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Browns since infancy. I don’t understand the infatuation with social media. I have a degree in photography from Ohio State yet very few pictures of myself. (O-H!) Riding my Harley down a winding country road is the best way to spend any afternoon. Being with my two adult children reminds me I’ve done something right and is sure to make my heart smile.

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