Kris Williams

Business Insurance Specialist

Kris has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years. She joined the Montgomery team in 2002, and moved to Xenia in 2006. Kris was brought on as a business insurance specialist and has been doing an awesome job with our business clients ever since.

Get to know Kris

I can’t live without my family & friends. I despise cold winter days more than anything. My grandkids make me happier than I thought was possible. Italian food and a good bottle of wine give me that warm fuzzy feeling. I still kick myself for not finishing college. I think raspberry chocolate chip ice cream is the best dessert on the planet. The beach is my favorite place to be but if I can’t get there I’ll settle for a warm Ohio day tending to my flower beds. Ice cold beer on hot summer days are sure to put me in a good mood. Squealing tires and litter bugs make me cringe. I love sleeping in on the weekends.

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